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You asked and we heard.  Finally.  Yes, finally wishbone has updated the old website.  Our glorious old website with this new and improved, state of the art web thingy.  Outside pressures have finally made us get it in gear.  It may be a low gear but its still a gear.  We were always cheering for the tortoise, the hare was cool but the tortoise has style.  

All that aside we are thrilled to finally launch our fully shopable, sweet lookin website.  Yes it has been in the works for a while.  Yes we could have done it ten years ago but then what would we have to look forward to now.  Did someone say, “The Beard”?  Well yeah, we could throw some props out there to the Giants.  Way to go! But this is about us, wishbone.

We are very excited to offer you, the world wide web our humble start into the e-commerce world.  Hopefully you will all find our website enjoyable, filled with great product and easy to use. Our goal here is to start by bringing you a little taste of the wishbone store and gradually offer you the full wishbone experience.  We have had fun (sometimes) getting this going and hope you find it an enjoyable shopping experience.   If not we will keep trying as it is you we want to make most happy.  

Welcome to wishbone.  Hopefully you will enjoy your time spent here.  Pull up a chair with a friend in it and check us out. We will be here 24-7 and if you ever find yourself in San Francisco stop by and see us for real.

Gay, Cory and the wishbone staff.